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What can be done to treat or reduce caffeine withdrawal symptoms?

In our reading, we have encountered a number of nutritional supplements and other products that have been suggested to potentially help with caffeine withdrawal symptoms / PAWS. 

We have personally tried:

  • Magnesium

  • L-theanine

  • Ashwagandha

  • Vitamin C

To our knowledge, it is not clear that any of these have particularly helped. As noted on the PAWS page, a problem with these long-lasting withdrawal symptoms is that they get better and worse with little or no clear cause, so it may seem that a supplement is helping, but the improvement might actually be just from the passage of time!

To our understanding, the only treatment that definitely helps with these symptoms is: TIME

A number of posts from others going through this experience have recommended:

  • Getting plenty of sleep

  • Exercise (even walking)

  • Relaxing, knowing that the symptoms will improve slowly over the long run and that you are not alone!

If anything has significantly helped you, please let us know on our Contact page!

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